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Silverlight en Español- Silverlight in Spanish

[English version below] Shawn Wildermuth y el Silverlight tur vienen para Miami del 13 al 15 de Abril. La clase va a ser en Español y la va a dar DevWorx. Es una buena oportunidad para empezar aprender Silverlight. Shawn Wildermuth and his Silverli... [More]

2009 South Florida Code Camp

[English Version] Free your calendar on Saturday, February 7th 2009 because one of the biggest Code Camps in the US is coming back to town! Yes, the 2009 South Florida Code Camp is now open for registration. The Call for Speakers is also opened so i... [More]

A Lap Around The Virtual Earth Control - Download

Excuse my lateness, but I finally got around uploading the demos and presentation for the Lap Around The Virtual Earth Control I presented at the South West Florida .NET Developer Group. You can download it here. Happy New Year!

Windows Azure and SQL Server

I was playing around with Windows Azure and when I tried to debug the Development Fabric tried to create a storage. Apparently the storage is stored in SQL Server and the default configuration is to use SQL Express. Since I have a full version of SQL... [More]

SW Florida .NET Developer Group Presentation

I will be presenting the new ASP.NET Virtual Earth Live Control at the South West Florida .NET Developer Group on December, 18th 2008 (this upcoming Thursday). I will be demoing some of the features of the control. See you there!

ObservableDictionary Object

I was in need of an ObservableDictionary object for .NET 2.0 and there was no CLR object that met my requirements. All I needed was a Dictionary object that would notify me when a value was changed. I created a CodePlex project where you can download... [More]

Play Your iPod With Xbox 360

If you want to connect your iPod to your Xbox 360 and be able to play your music you are going to need to download the free Optional Media Update to play unprotected music (AAC format), which is the format that the iPod and Zune uses. I found this ho... [More]

Home Made Digital Picture Frame and Live Mesh

A couple of months back I had decided to turn an old laptop into a digital picture frame (DPF). This post is not about how to turn the laptop into a DPF, but rather how I integrated the DPF with Live Mesh. There are plenty of articles and blogs on ho... [More]

Where did the Add Web Reference Go?

When Visual Studio 2008 came out I thought they got rid of the Add Web Reference dialog used to add web services. If you right click on a Class Library project targeting .NET 3.5 you only had the choice to add two types of references by default: Add ... [More]

Visual Studio 2008 ASP.NET Source View Bug

I opened a Connect bug for a problem I found with Visual Studio 2008 ASP.NET Source View. The problem is that when using the style attribute of an html tag VS doesn’t close the ending tag. In the video bellow I show how to replicate it. You can easil... [More]