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WCF and Windows Activation Process Service

Here's the code and presentation for the WCF and WAS session that I gave at the South West Florida Code Camp this past weekend. Although I couldn't stay until the end, the event was really good. A special thanks to John Dunagan for putting the event ... [More]

Serializing Objects with Enums

Take into consideration the following entity: public class CompositeType { public bool BoolValue { get; set; } public string StringValue { get; set; } public EnumType VehicleType { get; set; } ... [More]

WCF WSDL location address with HTTPS

When you query the WSDL of a WCF service that is hosted with HTTPS the location of the service will be pointed to the machine name by default. So if a client is querying your service by pointing to [More]

.NET University Photos

For all of you who attended the .NET University at Microsoft Tampa, here's the link to Joe Healy's blog where you can download the photos.


If you know Spanish and are new to web development or just want to freshen up on it, then don't miss my series of Webcasts on Microsoft Latam. I will be presenting "Programming Web 101" and "Programming Web 201". I will also present "Windows Communic... [More]

Converting WSE 3.0 to WCF

Here is a very good article for all of you who are amazed with the capabilites of Windows Communication Fondation (WCF), but already have a working model/application with WSE 3.0. The articles is a great starting point for migrating WSE 3.0 web servi... [More]