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Debugging the Windows Phone Ad Control

I’ve written previously about my lessons learned of the Windows Phone 7 ad control and it appears as I haven’t learned my lesson yet. About a month ago Champions League Tracker hit the Marketplaceand it appears to be very successful: from 11/28/2011 ... [More]

Create an SMS Task Using the Contact’s Name in Windows Phone

You can use the SmsComposeTask to create an SMS with Windows Phone. As the code below shows, it is very easy to do. 1: <Grid x:Name="ContentPanel" Grid.Row="1" Margin="12,0,12,0"> 2: <Button Content="Number Only" Height="72... [More]

Querying Contacts After Converting to WP7 Mango

If you are working in an application that has been converted from WP7 to WP7.1 (Mango) and are trying to query the contacts like the code below you might get a helpless exception of type System.Exception with the message “Exception”, no InnerExceptio... [More]

Debugging Tombstoning with WP7 (Mango)

A new feature of Mango (WP 7.5) is fast app switching, a much needed feature, which every developer should implement in their apps. Before mango, every time the application was deactivated the developer had to maintain state and restore it once the a... [More]

Programmatically hiding the keyboard in Windows Phone 7 (WP7)

I was looking for a way to programmatically hide the keyboard in WP7 and was searching for some WP7 API method, but couldn’t find one. Then it dawn on me that the keyboard automatically hides when the TextBox control looses focus. So I decided ... [More]

My Windows Phone 7 App failed&hellip; Requirement 5.2.4.c

So I submitted my third app, Shapes, into the WP7 Marketplace and 48 hours later I get an email saying it failed. I read the details and it failed because of requirement 5.2.4.c: If the current page displays a context menu or a dialog, the p... [More]

Lessons Learned, WP7 Advertisement SDK

I would like to share my lessons learned while I was working with the Windows Phone 7 Ad SDK for my textContact Light application. For a more detailed explanation of how to set up your account and the AdControl, download the SDK. While debugging th... [More]

Change Windows Phone 7 Panorama&rsquo;s Control Title

The other day I was playing with WP7 Panorama’s Control and the default Title was HUGE! I wanted to change it, but wasn’t sure how to do so. After reading the docs I found the TitleTemplate property, which allows you to create the template used for t... [More]

South Florida PDC 10 hosted by the Gold Coast and Miami Users Group

If you can’t attend the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2010 in Redmond, WA you now have the ability to experience it locally via face to face interactive sessions. I will be speaking about Windows Phone 7. You can find more info... [More]

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta Released

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta have been released. Tools Download the Windows Phone Developer tools beta to get started creating Windows Phone 7 applications today. This download includes: Visual Studio 2010 Expression For Windows Phone beta;... [More]