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Silverlight, WCF, and Cross Domain

Last night I was trying to consume a WCF service using Silverlight and I ran into the Cross Domain problem that a lot of people have already ran into. Here’s the message of the exception: An error occurred while trying to make a request to URI 'h... [More]

Reference svcmap specified argument was out of the range of valid values

WARNING: This worked for me and I’m not saying it is the right solution. Some cases may vary from mine. In my case this error occurs after deploying a WCF Service to IIS 6 which was referenced from Visual Studio 2008 with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and ... [More]

WCF WSDL location address with HTTPS

When you query the WSDL of a WCF service that is hosted with HTTPS the location of the service will be pointed to the machine name by default. So if a client is querying your service by pointing to [More]


If you know Spanish and are new to web development or just want to freshen up on it, then don't miss my series of Webcasts on Microsoft Latam. I will be presenting "Programming Web 101" and "Programming Web 201". I will also present "Windows Communic... [More]