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Linq To Sql not updating on Context.SubmitChanges()

Tonight I ran into a weird problem that I haven’t seen before. I was getting an entity back from a query, changing some values, and calling the DataContext.SubmitChanges() and the database was not being updated. The code ran fine without any ex... [More]

Updating Rows from one table to another without a relationship

So, I’ve been doing a lot of SQL Scripting lately and I’ve come to a stop when I hit a problem I have never hit before. I had to update ColumnA of TblA with ColumnB of TblB. So my initial thought was to do an INNER JOIN UPDATE. So I started typing:... [More]

Geospatial Article Part 1 on Simple Talk

Part 1 of my Mapping Your Data with Bing Maps and SQL Server 2008 article is now published on Simple-Talk. Go read it and learn how to integrate Bing Maps into your existing or new apps to solve business needs. Happy Reading!

Out of Process Session State and LINQ To SQL Entities

When using ASP.NET you can choose 4 different ways of storing session: In Process, State Server, SQL Server, or Custom. When using In Process the session is stored on the ASP.NET thread of the web server, but when using the State Server or SQL Server... [More]

SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data and Virtual Earth at Devry

Tomorrow I will be speaking about the SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data and Virtual Earth at Devry for the Miramar.NET user group. It will be a very informal meeting where we will discuss about the new Spatial Data Types in SQL Server 2008, Virtual Earth,... [More]

United States Census Data (USCD) for SQL Server 2008

Yesterday I announced my project on CodePlex: uscdsql. Between yesterday and today I finished importing and uploading the Cities and ZipCodes of the 2000 Census. Go ahead and download the data and play with it. I hope you can make your contribution t... [More]

US Census Data for SQL Server 2008

I have been playing around with the new SQL Server 2008 spatial data types and Virtual Earth and I must admit that I am loving every single minute of it. Anyway, I’m going to make it short and sweet. I would say that 99% of business applications are ... [More]

Schedule Back Ups with SQL Server Express 2005

One of the limitations of SQL Server Express 2005 is that it doesn't have a built in way to schedule jobs. There are tools out there that let's you run jobs on the express version, but if you're like me who don't like to install a lot of things on yo... [More]

How to Get the Node Name of a Node from and XML Variable in SQL Server 2005

I was talking with my co-worker and data expert John Papa regarding the XML functions within SQL Server 2005. I basically couldn't find a way to get the node name of a specific node for an XML Variable. I hit up google and started searching for a way... [More]

Sample Repository Posted

For those of you interested in downloading the code for last night's Code Idol session: "Using SQL Server 2005 as a Document Repository" you can do so here. For more details on the code you can also read my previous post on the topic here. The demo ... [More]