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HttpModules and HttpHandlers in IIS 7 in Integrated Mode

Today I was writing an HttpModule and was registering the module in the web.config under system.web. My module was not being called and I couldn't figure out why. After some trial and error I discovered the problem was that I was using IIS 7 in Integ... [More]

Classic ASP on Vista

So I installed Classic ASP on my Vista (IIS7) machine and I got passed the initial problem. As I was working my way into the application I started having other problems. I found this post on BillS' IIS Blog. He gives you a lot of the solutions to pos... [More]

Enable Classic ASP on Windows Vista (IIS7)

I had to set up a classic ASP website on my Windows Vista dev machine. I created the Website and pointed it to the code, but it wasn't working. Like IIS6, II7 doesn't have Classic ASP. The only difference is with IIS6 you only need to enable Classic ... [More]

Unable to start debugging on the web server

I am running Windows Vista and when i try to debug i get "Unable to start debugging on the web server. Debugging failed because integrated Windows authentication is not enabled." I knew I was able to fix this in the past for my other Websites (I crea... [More]