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Save documents with SQL Server and display them

So you have the need to let the user upload documents of any type to your server, but you don't know how to implement it. Some people say store them in the DB, others hate that and store the files on the file system. Which way do you go? Well, that d... [More]

HTML 101

As promised, here I am back with some basic HTML concepts. You can take this post as the promised second part of "Oh my, look at that HTML." Anyway, let's get started.As mentioned before, HTML is the most basic part of a website and if it's not well ... [More]

Oh my, look at that HTML!

As most of us would know, HTML is the most basic you can get when you program for web. If your HTML is not right then your page will not look right. Each browser renders HTML differently, especially when it's malformed. Internet Explorer is the most ... [More]