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Que ubicacion!

Falta una semana para el Code Camp Buenos Aires 2007 y estamos en el home page de Microsoft Argentina. Si todavia no te registrate lo podes hacer en la pagina oficial:

Code Camp Buenos Aires - Argentina

Para todos mis lectores latinos: si vivis en Buenos Aires o tenes planeado ir a Buenos Aires el 24 de Octubre, no te podes perder el primer Code Camp en Buenos Aires. Va a ver un monton de informacion desde Robotica hasta tecnologias nuevas como WPF.... [More]

Tampa Code Camp Pictures

Here are some pictures from the 2007 Tampa Code Camp: Joe Healy: Russ Fustino: [More]

Tampa Code Camp - Code Posted

I posted the Programming Web 301 code and presentation. You can download it here. The presentations went pretty good. A lot of people showed up to both of them. I have to apologize to the people that attended my Programming Web 101 and 201 session f... [More]

Tampa Code Camp

This saturday July 14th, 2007 is the Tampa Code Camp. To tell you the truth I think this is the only Code Camp I haven't spoken at in Florida! I'm very excited about it! Join me and the rest of the people already registered in yet another free, great... [More]

2007 Tampa Code Camp

Please join me in the 2007 Tampa Code Camp on July 14th 2007. I will be presenting my good old Programming Web Series with a new addition to Programming Web 301. In this new presentation I will talk about data and the web. I will demonstrate how to s... [More]

Windows Communication Foundation for Starters

The presentation and code for the "Windows Communication Foundation for Starters" presentation is now available here. Happy programming!

2007 Orlando Code Camp

Join me for the Orlando Code Camp where I'm pressenting the all aclaimed Programming Web series. I'm also presenting on WCF. Don't miss the oportunity of a free great event with lots of teachings, free food, and giveaways. See you there.

Textbox Text Changed event

On the last Code Camp at South Florida I told the students attending my session the only way for the text changed event of the textbox to get fired is if other controls, like a button, create a postback. I later found out that is not entirely true. T... [More]

2007 South Florida Code Camp

Join me and many others for the 2007 South Florida Code Camp. This year there will be a lot more of sessions and I think the registration is over 450 people. This year there will be a new section for Spanish sessions. As always, I am presenting, but ... [More]