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2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp Review

Wow! The Code Camp was a success. We had over 800 people, 44 sessions, a lot of networking, sponsors, and prizes! We had TV and Radio interviews and most importantly a lot of happy people among attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers. Check ou... [More]

2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp

We're 2 days away from the 2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp and we have 1300 people registered. This is going to be the event of the year are you going to miss it?

2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp

The 2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp is coming up this Saturday, October 4th. If you haven't registered then you can do so at the website. This year is going to be much bigger than last year with 11 sessions in parallel of Microsoft's current and new tech... [More]

Airplane/Car Laptop Power Adapter and More

As I'm writing this I'm ten thousand feet in the air on my way to the 2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp. When I found out the airplane was going to be a Boeing 777, I went to consult the Seat Guru to see if the airplane had power outlets. I selected Americ... [More]

WCF and Windows Activation Process Service

Here's the code and presentation for the WCF and WAS session that I gave at the South West Florida Code Camp this past weekend. Although I couldn't stay until the end, the event was really good. A special thanks to John Dunagan for putting the event ... [More]

2008 South West Code Camp

My good old friend John Dunagan from the Naples .Net Developer Group has organized the 2008 South West Florida Code Camp. There is a line up of impressive speakers ranging from amazing speakers to MVPs to Microsoft employees. I will be presenting my ... [More]

South Florida Code Camp 2008 - Files

WOW! That's the only word I can use to describe yesterday's event. What a turnout: 617 people! If you would like to download my presentations and sample code, please do so here. Happy reviewing!

2008 South Florida Code Camp

The 2008 South Florida Code Camp is coming up this Saturday, February 2nd. This year is going to be bigger than last year. More sessions, more people, more give aways. Here's the agenda which is subject to change. If you haven't register, please do s... [More]

2008 South Florida Code Camp - Speaker Registration is opened

The 2008 South Florida Code Camp speaker registration is opened. Whether you want to start getting involved in the community, work towards your MVP status, teach others something cool, new, or old then this is a great opportunity for you. Click here ... [More]

Code Camp Buenos Aires 2007 Review

La verdad que el Code Camp fue un exito. Participaron alrededor de 300+ personas y algunas se me han acercado o mandado emails para felicitarnos por el evento. Como todo evento, el Code Camp tuvo sus problemitas que se pueden mejorar y los vamos a me... [More]