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Assigning Text to the Password Textbox

For security reasons setting the text property of a TextBox of type passwords does absolutely nothing. Go ahead, give it a try. Add a TextBox to an ASP.NET page: <asp:TextBox ID="tbPassword" runat="server" TextMode="Password" MaxLength="15" />... [More]

UpdatePanel Efficiency

So I am writing an application with ASP.NET AJAX and using the update panel to update certain controls. So there I was creating the page without any AJAX and with normal postbacks and when I was finished I just added a script manager and an update pa... [More]

Reporting Control

Hi everyone! I am in need of using a reporting control, but I'm not too sure in which direction to go. My experience with reporting controls are very minimal so I wouldn't know what to look for. Here's a list of controls I was looking at, please fee... [More]

Programando Web para principiantes III - Programming Web 301

Hoy presento en un webcast la tercera parte de la mini serie de programando web para principiantes. No te la puedes perder: I'm presenting the third part of the ... [More]

Tampa Code Camp - Code Posted

I posted the Programming Web 301 code and presentation. You can download it here. The presentations went pretty good. A lot of people showed up to both of them. I have to apologize to the people that attended my Programming Web 101 and 201 session f... [More]

Tampa Code Camp

This saturday July 14th, 2007 is the Tampa Code Camp. To tell you the truth I think this is the only Code Camp I haven't spoken at in Florida! I'm very excited about it! Join me and the rest of the people already registered in yet another free, great... [More]

Unable to start debugging on the web server

I am running Windows Vista and when i try to debug i get "Unable to start debugging on the web server. Debugging failed because integrated Windows authentication is not enabled." I knew I was able to fix this in the past for my other Websites (I crea... [More]

2007 Tampa Code Camp

Please join me in the 2007 Tampa Code Camp on July 14th 2007. I will be presenting my good old Programming Web Series with a new addition to Programming Web 301. In this new presentation I will talk about data and the web. I will demonstrate how to s... [More]

Save documents with SQL Server and display them

So you have the need to let the user upload documents of any type to your server, but you don't know how to implement it. Some people say store them in the DB, others hate that and store the files on the file system. Which way do you go? Well, that d... [More]


If you know Spanish and are new to web development or just want to freshen up on it, then don't miss my series of Webcasts on Microsoft Latam. I will be presenting "Programming Web 101" and "Programming Web 201". I will also present "Windows Communic... [More]