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Multiple Default Buttons

Today I learned something new about ASP.NET. I learned that you can have multiple default buttons based on where you are in the form. For example if you have a form with a Save button and other buttons to do some server side checking you can set the ... [More]

Your Vote Counts - .NET Framework and the Browser's UserAgent String

Being an MVP made me realize that Microsoft really listens to their customers. Of course you don't need to be an MVP to be able to communicate with Microsoft regarding bugs or future enhancements. Anyone can use the Microsoft Connect site and to do s... [More]

Make Your Business Layer a Data Component

One of the cool features of ASP.NET 2.0 is the new Object Data Source, which lets you bind your business entities/objects to your ASP.NET controls. What I hate about this control is that when you open the dropdown you get a list of all the classes th... [More]

LINQ To SQL Generic Detach

UPDATE: you can read Jowen Mei's post for an updated version of this code. Anyone who has been trying to use LINQ To SQL with ASP.NET would know of the problems of dealing with state. Since LINQ To SQL does require to maintain state of the entitie... [More]

Component Art Web.UI Client Script Deployment

I was doing some research on Component Art's Web.UI suite and I came across this post by Milos. Basically Component Art added a new feature in the 2007.2 version to allow all the client script references to be downloaded all at once. Why? Because the... [More]

Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 Mini-Launch in Miramar

Have you missed the Heroes Happen Here event in Ft Lauderdale? Do you want to revisit some of the topics? Then don't miss today's Mini-Launch at Devry University in Miramar. I will be showcasing the demos from the "Reach End-Users with Next Generatio... [More]

HttpModules and HttpHandlers in IIS 7 in Integrated Mode

Today I was writing an HttpModule and was registering the module in the web.config under system.web. My module was not being called and I couldn't figure out why. After some trial and error I discovered the problem was that I was using IIS 7 in Integ... [More]

Container.DataItem. What exactly is this?

Recently I had to bind to an array of strings and I wasn't sure how to show the value of the current item. After a little bit of help from the DevTheo and a little bit of thinking I figured out the solution was very simple. All i had to do was bind i... [More]

Sample Repository Posted

For those of you interested in downloading the code for last night's Code Idol session: "Using SQL Server 2005 as a Document Repository" you can do so here. For more details on the code you can also read my previous post on the topic here. The demo ... [More] Article

I noticed that a lot of people had asked me about the same topic over and over again. I know this will continue to be the case so I decided to write an article on it. Today it got published on The article is titled "Take Row-Level Co... [More]