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Join Me at dotNetMiami

Tomorrow, December 10th, 2013, I will be presenting at the dotNetMiami user group about building Real Life Single Page Applications. I will talk about how to build these apps for real world scenarios, no demo BS . Come join me and find out about bui... [More]

Getting Started with SignalR

Join me as I present Getting Started with SignalR at the West Palm Beach .NET user group September 25th, 2012. SignalR is a groundbreaking open-source project in the .NET community. It offers real-time communication to a variety of platforms, is ... [More]

Join me at the Weston Learning Group

Today I will be presenting my famous Programming Web for Beginners at the Weston Learning Group. Programming Web is a combination of Programming Web 101 and 201, two sessions I usually give at Code Camps and user groups across the south east. This se... [More]

ASP.NET Custom Expression Builder For Azure

ASP.NET 2.0 brought a new feature called Expression Builder, which allows you to assign dynamic values to a control’s property. The syntax is very similar to the well known <%= value %> and <%# bind(“property”) %>: <%$ expression %>... [More]

Dynamic CSS with ASP.NET MVC and ContentResult

The ContentResult class is of type ActionResult, which means it is used to return text content from Controller Actions. There are multiple uses for the ContentResult, and one use is to create CSS dynamically. One would simply point a style sheet to a... [More]

Geospatial Article Part 1 on Simple Talk

Part 1 of my Mapping Your Data with Bing Maps and SQL Server 2008 article is now published on Simple-Talk. Go read it and learn how to integrate Bing Maps into your existing or new apps to solve business needs. Happy Reading!

South Florida Code Camp 2010

This year was another great year for the South Florida Code Camp. Lots of people, sessions, speakers, books, software, food, water, sodas, and a great atmosphere. Both of my Programming Web 101 and 201 sessions went great. I had a small problem with ... [More]

Problem Creating a Localized, Embedded Script

I was following this tutorial and was getting the error: Assembly 'AssemblyName' contains a Web resource with name 'ResourceName', but does not contain an embedded resource with name 'ResourceName'. Everything seemed to be perfect except that I forgo... [More]

Out of Process Session State and LINQ To SQL Entities

When using ASP.NET you can choose 4 different ways of storing session: In Process, State Server, SQL Server, or Custom. When using In Process the session is stored on the ASP.NET thread of the web server, but when using the State Server or SQL Server... [More]

JavaScript not working within UpdatePanel

The other day I was having a problem with JavaScript functions not being found. The simplified setup was similar to this: - UpdatePanel    - UserControl (Visible = true)    - UserControl (Visible = false)       - Embedded JavaScript and Cont... [More]