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SFLXUG: Xamarin Forms Navigation and Other Advanced Features

Join us this afternoon at 6:30 PM at the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, Nova Southeastern University for Xamarin Forms Navigation and Other Advanced Feature by David Silverlight.


"I want to punch Xamarin.Forms navigation in the face!"


This month, David Silverlight will be sharing with us his experiences in implementing Xamarin.Forms navigation? The session will cover the various flavors of navigation from a hands on perspective where your applications do not always behave as perfectly as they do in samples and blog posts.  David will focus on some of the gotchas, some tips and tricks as well as some of the pain points he encountered and how to best resolve them to help simplify the development of your own Navigation framework for your Xamarin applications.


Advanced Features of Xamarin Forms - David Silverlight


Xamarin recently released version 1.3 of Xamarin Forms. It has many new exciting features. I will talk about the following: 


1. ListView Enhancements 

2. App Lifecycle 

3. Dependency Injection 

4. Styles & Fonts 

5. Platform Tweaks 


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