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Multiple Language Keyboard in Windows Phone 7.5

I’m loving my Mango update on Windows Phone 7. With many new features incorporated into the phone there is one that I was really looking forward to: The multiple language soft keyboard. I’m used to having a hard keyboard on my phones and therefore I got the Dell Venue Pro because of the awesome vertical keyboard. The more I used the phone the more I noticed that the soft keyboard did a great job in auto correcting my spelling and found myself using the hardware keyboard less and less. The only problem I had was that I use my phone both in English and Spanish and I have my phone culture setup to English. So typing in Spanish with the soft keyboard resulted in incorrectly autocorrected words. Therefore I was still tied to the hard keyboard. With Mango I can now setup the keyboard to have multiple languages and change the language within the keyboard making my hardware keyboard useless.

To setup the multiple languages go to Settings – Keyboard and check all the languages you want to have:

Keyboard2_thumb Keyboard_thumb

Then while the software keyboard is opened you can press on the bottom right button (ENU while in English) to switch between languages:

SoftKeyboard_thumb SoftKeyboard3_thumb SoftKeyboard2_thumb

Notice in the picture above, that while in Spanish the keyboard even added an “Ñ”. You can also press and hold to list all possible values as the third picture shows

Now you can see that the auto correction automatically uses the selected language:

SoftKeyboard4_thumb SoftKeyboard5_thumb

Update 10/10/2011
It seems as if the current version of the OS only remembers the last language you used. If you want the OS to remember the language on a per user basis, then make your voice heard by voting on this feature suggestion.

I now know that my next Windows Phone will not have a physical keyboard. Happy Typing!

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