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Visual Studio 2010 Shortcuts

Lately my right hand has been sored due to too much use of the mouse. For the past 18 years I’ve been a heavy mouse user and yesterday I decided that was enough. I set a personal goal to use the mouse the least possible. Not an easy task in today’s computerized world, but since I’m a developer and spend about 85% of my time in Visual Studio, it certainly is doable. I must say that after 1 day of doing so, my pain has not gone away completely, but it has gotten better. I haven’t seen a drastic change in efficiency, but I guess I will see that as I get used to the shortcuts and get past the learning curb. So, without further do, I present to you a list of the my most used shortcuts with Visual Studio (Chrome, and Windows).


CTRL + SHIFT + B Build solution
SHIFT + F6 Build current project
F5 Start/Continue debugging
CTRL + F5 Start without debugging
SHIFT + F5 Stop debugging
F10 Step over
F11 Step in
SHIFT + F11 Step out
ALT + A Attach to process. Created by me (ref)
F9 Toggle breakpoint


CTRL + TAB Move through opened tabs (and panes)
CTRL + SHIFT + TAB Move through opened tabs (and panes) in reverse
CTRL + , Navigate To (Extremely important for large solutions)
F12 Go to definition
CTRL + F4 Close current tab
CTRL + F Find
CTRL + H Find and replace
CTRL + SHIFT + F Find in files
CTRL + SHIFT + H Find and replace in files


CTRL + M + M Collapse/expand current section.
CTRL + M + O Collapse all
CTRL + M + L Expand all


ALT + TAB Change active program

Google Chrome

ALT + D Highlight address bar
CTRL + T New tab
CTRL + TAB Move through opened tabs
CTRL + F4 Close current tab

I will update this list as I learn new keyboards and find them useful on my quest to avoid usage of the mouse as much as possible.

EDIT: as Joe Healy, aka DevFish, points out, Russ' ToolShed Network, Inc has a Windows Phone 7 app for Visual Studio shortcuts. Just search for Shortcuts VS in the MarketPlace

Happy programming (without the mouse, of course)!

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John Dunagan
John Dunagan

Some of my favorites in Visual Studio (R# changes these, so YMMV):

Ctrl K + D: Formats the open document with indentations, alignment, etc.

Ctrl F: Find
Ctrl H: Replace
Ctrl Shift F: Find in Files
Ctrl Shift H: Replace in Files


John, you're right, I will add those as well. After posting this I went back to VS and found myself using those shortcuts all the time. I will update and add the ones I use the most.


Guillermo Bellmann
Guillermo Bellmann

One of my favourites:
Ctrl+K + Ctrl+C: Comment
Ctrl+K + Ctrl+U: Uncomment

If you use R#: Ctrl+T is a must (class search)

Also, you can use Ctrl+Alt+P to attach to a process ;)


doesnt russ fustino have a wp7 app for this?


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