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Knock out that JS with knockoutjs

It is very interesting to look back at the last 15 years of the web and it’s development frameworks on how we went back and forth in terms of Javascript development. From static HTML, to the use of Javascript, to avoid Javascript by replacing it with server side technologies, back to an emphasis on Javascript with the introduction of AJAX. Web developers hated writing Javascript because of the lack of browser compatibilities, but with the introduction of frameworks like jQuery, Javascript development is becoming more enjoyable. If you are or have been writing more client side code lately, you probably had this feeling that the code was just not right. At least I’ve had this feeling with a recent project. As the features increased the code started to look more and more like spaghetti code. Yesterday I was introduced to a Javascript framework that could solve this issue: knockoutjs.

Knockoutjs helps you build Object Oriented, MVVM-style Javascript code by focusing on declarative bindings, automatic UI refresh, dependency tracking, and templating. I’ll let Steve Anderson do the talking:

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