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Lessons Learned, WP7 Advertisement SDK

I would like to share my lessons learned while I was working with the Windows Phone 7 Ad SDK for my textContact Light application. For a more detailed explanation of how to set up your account and the AdControl, download the SDK.

While debugging the application I was using the test values for the ApplicaitonId and AdUnitId and everything was working fine. When I uploaded my app to the marketplace with the correct values my AdControl was hiding itself and I didn’t know why. I started playing around with the control a little more and found the reason to be that there was no ads to display. Here are the lessons learned.

  • Make sure your ad unit has categories selected. You can do so by logging into PubCenter, under Setup – Ad units.
  • Make sure your ad unit is the right size. Some sizes are not as popular as others and therefore will probably yield 0 results, hiding your AdControl. I use the 480X80 size now.
  • Make sure you set the AdUnitId of the AdControl to the ad unit ID found in the PubCenter.
  • Make sure you set the ApplicationId of the AdControl to the application ID found in the PubCenter, under Setup – Sites & apps.
  • Make sure you set static property AdControl.TestMode = false in your code behind. A lot of people get confused and think it is a property of the Control, but is not. You have to use the namespace Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.UI.
  • If it doesn’t work on the emulator it will probably not work on the device. When I was testing with the real IDs the AdControl was disappearing. I thought that was because the application wasn’t downloaded from the Marketplace with the right certificate. It turns out I was wrong. Make sure you are serving ads while testing before publishing.
  • If all fails and your AdControl is still disappearing then register to the AdControlError event and query the e.ErrorCode and e.ErrorDescription properties to get more details on what is going on.

I hope these lessons learned help you out so you don’t have to spend the same amount of time I did on something that should be very straight forward. Right now I’m working on trying to programmatically change the AdUnitId if e.ErrorCode == ErrorCode.NoAdAvailable, but so far I have been unsuccessful.

Happy programming (and monetizing)

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Hey Now Jonas,

Great Post!

Thx 4 the info,



Thanks for the info. Just wondering how much the adds pay? Is it a pay per view?



@Joey, it's per view and how it pays depends on your app: how popular it is and how often it shows ads.


Ok, I understand it is a pay per view, but how much does it pay per view? or per x amount of views?

Just trying to look into if I'm better making a free app with adds, or charge 0.99 for it.


@Joey, I don't know and I don't think it's public knowledge.


Thank you for sharing the lessons learned. It is very good set of advice.


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