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South Florida Code Camp 2010

This year was another great year for the South Florida Code Camp. Lots of people, sessions, speakers, books, software, food, water, sodas, and a great atmosphere. Both of my Programming Web 101 and 201 sessions went great. I had a small problem with time for my 201 session as I was told by a person I had to end by 10:50, when in reality I had until 11. I apologize to everyone who was at my 201 session for not being able to cover the entire presentation.

You can download both the presentation and the project files from the following links:

Programming Web 101

Programming Web 201

Happy Programming!

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Hey Now Jonas,

Good to see you @ code camp!

Thx 4 the info,


Rainer Habermann
Rainer Habermann

It was great to talk to you at code camp!

I made a list of items which need improvement. We will have better readable agendas and large room specific schedules at the presentation room entrance doors.

Greetings, Rainer


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