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Get Location of the IP Address

I wanted to share with all of you a free service that provides you an approximation of your user’s IP Address. You can read about it here: If you are looking for a more sophisticated solution that is maintained more often than the free solution you can also use this service:

As of this writing you can get the response in 2 different forms: XML or plain text. I like the more structure formats so I will be using the XML option.

Stay tune… I will post a C# API for retrieving the information.

UPDATE: You can now see the code here.

Happy Programming!

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Hey Now Jonas,

Good 2 know!

Thx 4 the info,


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Your webmaster search is: Get Location of  the IP Address leave  a comment

I’m going to present a small trick that you can use to find out someone’s IP address. This may be useful, for example, if you are talking to someone on Yahoo IM, Skype, GTalk, etc. and you want to find the exact location (country, state, city, etc.) of that person. Firstly, you need to find the IP address of the person and, secondly, geo-located it.


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