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Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 Painfully Slow

Remember that blog I wrote about installing VS 2010 in a Virtual Machine? Well, as I type this I’m doing a fresh install of VS 10 in my Windows 7 RC machine (not a VM). I just can’t take it anymore. Visual Studio 10 Beta 1 is painfully slow running on my Quad Core 8 GB Computer as a Virtual Machine. I even have the virtual hard drive file running on a second drive.

You know, when I read about people like Scott Hanselman and Joel Spolsky writing about how the speed of their hard drives (SSD) makes such a huge difference and how they can save 10 minutes a day I just don’t get it. But now that I’ve been on the other side of the spectrum I can see how having a slow machine can really negatively affect your performance.

I think my development speed has slowed down to half of my normal speed. Sometimes, while debugging, it is so slow that I just get up and scream. Hopefully I won’t see this problem running VS 10 in a physical machine (finger’s crossed).

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I think that everyone sometimes have that problem. I mean: too slow hardware. It always bug me when I try to do something fast and the machine just need to think a minute... Then another minute... And another...
Man, that is annoying.


That is because nowadays applications developers are so oriented on putting "as many options as we can" that some programs are just running surprisingly low. And also OS systems engineers should thing about it because vista is just a resources-eating-monster. I like programs that are simple and doing the specific job that is required by the user (in this case - me).


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