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Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta on a Virtual Machine

For the release of Visual Studio 2010 RC (Release Candidate), Microsoft provided us with a fully installed VPC (Virtual Machine) image. For some reason they did not do the same for the release of Beta 1. I guess they wanted people to go through the installation so they can receive feedback and bugs for it. Anyway, if you want to install VS 2010 Beta in a Virtual Machine, I recommend watching this Channel 9 Videoby Brian Keller on how to download and install all the requirements. Keep in mind that Brian also installs VS Team Foundation Server which is not needed if you only want to play with VS 2010. Therefore you can skip the steps to install SQL Server 2008 and VS TFS 2010.

Happy Installing!

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Happy installing ... yeah, right ;) Instalation is something I utterly hate, as I seem to be attracting faulty software and damaged cd's/dvd's ... Thanks for the video, seems this time the error was on my side..


I never had problems with installing programs on Virtual Machine... Is this Visual Studio different from other programs? Just need .iso to get it done, right?


@gryfino, the video should explain everything step by step. Including which files to download and how to install them.


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