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US Census Data for SQL Server 2008

I have been playing around with the new SQL Server 2008 spatial data types and Virtual Earth and I must admit that I am loving every single minute of it. Anyway, I’m going to make it short and sweet. I would say that 99% of business applications are data centric and I dare to say that almost every single one of those applications have spatial data one way or another (sales, customers, etc).

Having this type of data is great, but to make an application really great and be able to take full advantage of the spatial functionality of SQL Server 2008 we need some reference spatial data. Thankfully that data is available to us (here in the United States) in electronic format by the Census department. I spent quite a few hours importing the data to SQL Server 2008 and decided to make my work available to others.

So without further a do I present to you my CodePlex project: US Census Data for SQL Server 2008. Go nuts and start downloading and querying away. With this data you will be able to query for things like give me all customers that live in xxx county.

Please note that as of this writing the only information available are States and Counties. More to come in the near future: Cities and Zip Codes

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