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Airplane/Car Laptop Power Adapter and More

As I'm writing this I'm ten thousand feet in the air on my way to the 2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp. When I found out the airplane was going to be a Boeing 777, I went to consult the Seat Guru to see if the airplane had power outlets. I selected American Airlines, Boeing 777 and the great gurus provided me with a seat layout of the aircraft specifying which seats are the best, worse, what to watch out for, and which seats had power outlets. I decided I wanted a good seat where I could work and be able to sleep so I decided to go for seat 20A. To make a long story short, I did get seat 20A and not only I'm writing this blog post ten thousand feet in the air, but I'm also writing it on electric power.

When I found out the airplane had DC power I went to Circuit City to buy an Airplane/Car Laptop Power Adapter. I wanted one for a while. I found the Kensington Ultra Portable Power Inverter 150, priced at about $80. At the store the adapter was incorrectly priced at $60 and the nice guy at Circuit City was kind enough to give it to me for $60. In comparison to the other power adapters that I saw at the store, this one has a normal US power input, so it works for your laptop, MP3 player, DVD player, Cellphone, etc. The other adapters were for specific laptops. So far I've been using it for the past 45 minutes and my laptop has been fully charged. I've also had the adapter in my lap and it stays at room temperature. Size wise it really is a decent size and doesn't weight too much (2 pounds) so it really is easy to carry. To tell you the truth I'm more than impressed.

See you at Code Camp!

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