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Dispose your Batteries the Right Way!

I've been trying to be more green oriented for a while now. You can find some proof of that through my Tech Green Initiative posts here and here. Before, when I wasn't cautious about the environment, I used to throw my old batteries in the garbage. Now, that I am cautious about the environment, I know that batteries can leak and contaminate the earth. So I decided to do a simple search on how to dispose my batteries and found the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) which will help you dispose your rechargeable batteries. They are partnered with many companies such as Radio Shack and Best Buy to make it easier to the consumer to recycle. You can search centers near you by entering your zip code and pressing enter (no search button, very bad practice).

Alkaline batteries can be disposed in the normal household trash.

Happy Recycling!

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