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Tech Green Initiative

I have been into the Go Green Initiative for about 2 months now. I have been watching Planet Green way too much and I always felt like I had to do something about it. I feel like making green changes in my home is not good enough and that I have to reach the masses somehow. So this blog post is the official introduction of the Tech Green Initiative (TGI). The purpose of the Tech Green Initiative is to help the conservation and improvement of the natural environment with anything that is, in one way or another, related to technology. TGI stretches from the reuse of printer paper to the creation of a more efficient CPU. TGI does not intend to replace the current Green movement; however, it is meant to complement it.

So without further a do I present my TGI list:

  • I have my computers to automatically hibernate at 12 AM and to automatically start at 6 AM. This way I conserver energy and have the computer up and running for when I start work.
  • I recycle paper by printing double sided or reuse previously printed paper to print on the blank side. This way I can conserve paper and save some trees.
  • I resend my empty HP printer cartridge back to Hewlett Packard for recycling. More on this here.
  • I print on fast draft to save ink and that way conserve plastic cartridges.

And here is my upcoming TGI changes:

  • Undervolting my computers.
  • Create a Wind Turbine to power my laptops.

I will continue to update on my ongoing efforts to conserve and improve our earth.

Do you have your own TGI list? Why not blog about it? Don't have a blog? Leave a comment here...

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