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Where Did the Mail Icon Go?

A long time ago I was trying to set up my Exchange Mailbox on my new Windows Vista 64-bit laptop and I needed to access Mail Setup. So I thought well this is easy, just use the new start menu in Windows Vista and typed "Mail" and it should come up.

Start Menu Like you can see in the picture to the left when I type Mail the only thing that comes up in the Programs section is Windows Mail. So the next thing I decided to do is go to the Control imagePanel and just open it from there. I go to the Control Panel and of course the Icon is not there either (look at picture to the right).

So where did the Mail Setup go? Windows Vista 64 has an icon in the Control Panel "View 32-bit Control Panel Items." In there you have all the 32-bit Options, including the Mail Set Up.

The question is why doesn't Windows Vista 64-bit display the programs inside the 32-bit Control Panel when searched in the Start Menu. I hope someone from the Vista product team reads this and fixes this bug so other people don't have to waste 4 hours of their life like I did.

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