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I first read about TripIt on JoelOnSoftware. I thought the idea was pretty cool, but I never got around using it until now. So for those of you that are too lazy to read the info on the links here is how TripIt works. You receive confirmations of your flight, hotel, and car rental information from your source (AA, Hilton, Hertz) and all you have to do is forward that email to Then you receive an email from them telling you your itinerary is ready and all you have to do is click on the link to view it. They automatically add more info for you such as the weather and driving directions from the Car Rental to the Hotel. If that's not enough for you, you can add more plans manually.

Trip Itinerary

Trip Itinerary Details

Add Plans to the trip

Here's where it gets interesting. They have an iCal Feed and since Outlook 2007 works with iCal you can add your itinerary to your outlook calendars:

  1. Tools - Account Settings - Internet Calendars
  2. Click on New and specify the iCal feed they provide in the homepage.
  3. Specify the name, description and settings and press OK.

Now you have another calendar in outlook and you can see both of your calendars side by side or you can merge them to see them together.

Calendars Side by Side

Calendars Merged

By the way you can do this with any other calendars that have an iCal feed such as Google Calendars.

Happy Trip Planning!

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