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Visual Studio 2008 Shortcut for adding using statements

A couple of weeks ago I attended a very good session about the Entity Framework given by Shawn Wildermuth. He showed us something that I thought was only possible with Resharper. He typed a class name and since he wasn't using the fully qualified name of the class he was getting the typical Visual Studio hightlight warning ("If you compile me I will complain"). He moved the cursor over the class and press some shortcut and voila Visual Studio added the using statement at the top. Being the type of guy I am, I thought cool, mental note the shortcut and I will use it later. Of course today I wanted to use the shortcut and I didn't remember what it was. So searching for it in google I came across David Hayden's post which explains how to use the shortcut.

Just some clarification from David's post. I am such a schmock that when David says "CTRL + ." he actually means to press the control key and the period. The period is actually part of the shortcut, not the end of the sentence. I was pressing the control key and the plus sign and it wasn't working.

Another clarification. David says to add the Edit.RemoveAndSort command as a shortcut. To do so, go to Tools - Customize and press the "Keyboard..." button. Again, don't be like me and once you find the actual command and set the shortcut click on "Assign" before pressing "OK".

Happy Shortcutting

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