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Using Google Apps to Host My Email - Continued

This is a continuation of my previous post Using Google Apps to Host My Email. I forgot to mention a very important part so here it is.

One of the best parts of the Windows Live Custom Domains (WLCD) is that you get to use the Outlook Connector to check your email with Outlook. That gives you almost the same experience as working with an Exchange account. If you delete it goes to trash, spam goes to junk mail, sent items go to the sent items folder, movedĀ emails to anotherĀ folder stays reflected on the server, etc. That experience is pricesless (at least to people who use exchange day in and day out) and one that is not comparable to IMAP or POP3.

So both WLCD and Google Apps have their pros and cons, but right at this moment the pros and cons of Google Apps outweight the pros and cons of WLCD.

Happy Configuring...

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