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Installing the Entity Framework with Visual Studio 2008 RTM

If you are interested in the Entity Framework like I am you will not find the installation process very straight forward. I started searching for the Entity Framework (EF) and I was receiving links to pages containing Tools, Designers, Frameworks with lots of acronyms. If I want to try something out I'm used to search for it, download it, install it, and play with it. Apparently the EF is not like that (at least for now). There is a lot of history to it. John Papa who has been following the EF for a while and who has also interested me on it has given me a lecture on the history of the framework and explained to me why the installation is like it is. To him installing the framework and tools needed to work with the EF is second nature, to me, a beginer in the topic, is not. So for all of you out there who have or might "struggle" with the installation of the Entity Framework here's the order of the installation (for a development machine).

As of the time of this writing the latest EF is Beta 3. Please note that Beta 3 will work with VS 2008 RTM and .NET Framework 3.5 RTM, while Beta 2 only works with VS 2008 Beta 2 and .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 2.

1. Install VS 2008
2. Install VS 2008 - KB945282 Software Update.
3. Install the Entity Framework Beta 3.
4. Install the Entity Framework Tools CTP2 which also includes the designer to work with the EF. Here is a list of changes to the tools/designer.

Stay tuned for more info on the Entity Framework.

Hapy Programming!

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Hey Now Jonas,
This sure is the direction to go I think. EF really seems like the next thing for ADO.NET. Nice Post.
Thx 4 the info,


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