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How can you tell your product has made an impression on society?

There are a bunch of products that have made a huge impression on our lives, but there are some products that have made a huge impression on society. We probably don't even think about it or even know the type of impression these products have made on our lives, but I can guarantee you that not one day goes by without being a victim of "Product Impressionism" (wow I think I just made up a term Laughing).

So how do you know when a product has reached the highest level of "Product Impressionism"? Well, let me ask you this: when you go to a restaurant do you order a Coke or do you order a Cola Soda? I bet half of you probably didn't even think about this one before and are probably going through your heads thinking of other examples like this one. There are plenty and it happens all over the world. For example in Argentina we call gum "chicles" when the real word is "goma de mascar". Why "chicles"? because is the argentine way to pronounce "Chiclets" from "Chiclets Adams," a very popular gum back in the day.

Visual representation of a type of product is another way to identify a level of "Product Impressionism". When you think of an MP3 player, what figure comes to mind? I bet most of you thought of an iPod and maybe 0.01% of you thought of a Zune Wink. Come on Microsoft, I think that one was obvious.

Finally I'm getting to the whole point of this post. Is Microsoft really losing turf on the "Product Impressionism" territory? I think not. In the contrary, I think they are actually winning some. A few years ago when someone wanted to graphically represent a Game Console they would have used an abstracted image of a Play Station 2. How about now? Well a picture is worth a thousand words...

Waiting in line at the Houston Intercontinental Airport security checkpoint.

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Hey Now Jonas,
Interesting post. When searching we 'Google' it, not 'Live' it.


    Good example, although I don't say
"Google it" a lot I have heard it a tons of times.


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