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I noticed that a lot of people had asked me about the same topic over and over again. I know this will continue to be the case so I decided to write an article on it. Today it got published on The article is titled "Take Row-Level Control of Your GridView" and it talks about manipulating the gridview to render it to your needs. I let you read it for yourself.

Happy Programming!

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Great article, Jonas, thank!
Could you point to or explain how to control row height and column width in GridView, please?


I have been looking for a solution to my problem and came across your article:"Take Row-Level Control of Your GridView".

I converted your "GridViewBoundFieldHelper" to VB.

I am using VS2010 Web forms.

The code is teriffic and works as advertised the first time. My problem is that if a postback is done, all of the rows thar are not the original GroupHeader in Column zero go nuts and drop cells and the index of the columns seeming change. Any ideas?

I know this is an imposition on your valuable time and any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.


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