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Unable to start debugging on the web server

I am running Windows Vista and when i try to debug i get "Unable to start debugging on the web server. Debugging failed because integrated Windows authentication is not enabled." I knew I was able to fix this in the past for my other Websites (I create a full website for every project), but I didn't remember how. Anyway after playing around with the settings and security this is what made mine work:

1. Change the App Pool of the application to Classic .NET
2. Give the Network Service user (or whichever user is running the Classic .NET App Pool) at least read access to app folder
3. Enable Windows Authentication.

If you are running Windows Vista home, check this out:

Disclaimer: I don't have the time to check if all steps are necessary so try it at your own risk. If you find that not all steps are necessary then please post it here.

Happy Debugging!

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