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SQL Sever 2000 and 2005 side by side

Last night I ran into the problem of setting up MSSQL 2000 and MSSQL 2005 side by side. After reading John Papa's blog on how to run these two products side by side I thought I would have no problem. Of course I did run into some problems. Ironically my problem was with the client tools rather than the Database engines. Why you may ask? Well, John's blog mentions that both products should be installed with named instances. I, in the other hand, had MSSQL 2000 with the default instance and MSSQL 2005 with a named instance. Indeed, both worlds collided. Although I was installing the client tools, I couldn't see them installed. I tried reinstalling, modifying, and repairing the installation several times. It turned out that having one named instance (MSSQL 2005) and one default instance (MSSQL 2000) wasn't enough. So if you're planning on running both databases side by side, make sure they both have named instances! There's my two cents... Until next time...

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