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Free Busy Time and Out of Office Settings not Working with Exchange Server 2007

I was developing a web application which uses the Exchange Web Service to schedule a meeting and to check the free/busy time of the attendees. The free busy time check was working fine and all of a sudden it stopped working. Of course there is no suc... [More]

HTC Touch Diamond So Far

I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for the past 4 years and have carried a PDA phone with them for the past 2 years. The internet with T-Mobile was excruciating slow, but I’ve been patient and waiting for them to release a 3G network. They recently added ... [More]

2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp Review

Wow! The Code Camp was a success. We had over 800 people, 44 sessions, a lot of networking, sponsors, and prizes! We had TV and Radio interviews and most importantly a lot of happy people among attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers. Check ou... [More]

2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp

We're 2 days away from the 2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp and we have 1300 people registered. This is going to be the event of the year are you going to miss it?

I'm a PC and I Was Featured in Times Square!

Wow! This is totally cool. Apparently my "I'm a PC and I..." video was chosen to be featured in Times Square. Today I received an email from the campaign with proof. So what did I say? "I'm a PC and I love to code"   UPDATE: I finally found my vide... [More]

2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp

The 2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp is coming up this Saturday, October 4th. If you haven't registered then you can do so at the website. This year is going to be much bigger than last year with 11 sessions in parallel of Microsoft's current and new tech... [More]

Airplane/Car Laptop Power Adapter and More

As I'm writing this I'm ten thousand feet in the air on my way to the 2008 Buenos Aires Code Camp. When I found out the airplane was going to be a Boeing 777, I went to consult the Seat Guru to see if the airplane had power outlets. I selected Americ... [More]

Multiple Default Buttons

Today I learned something new about ASP.NET. I learned that you can have multiple default buttons based on where you are in the form. For example if you have a form with a Save button and other buttons to do some server side checking you can set the ... [More]

Windows Live Beta

So I am testing the new Windows Live Beta suit of products. I’ve only decided to test the products I used the most: Windows Live Writer, Outlook Connector, and Windows Live Messenger. Out of those 3 products I found that the most hidden gem is the ... [More]

New Bill Gates - Jerry Seinfeld Commercial

If you haven't seen it in TV yet, the new Microsoft commercial starring Bill Gate and Jerry Seinfeld is out. It's a very "Seinfeld" humor so if you've never watched "Seinfeld" then you might not understand it. I wonder whether they did the right thin... [More]