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Silverlight, WCF, and Cross Domain

Last night I was trying to consume a WCF service using Silverlight and I ran into the Cross Domain problem that a lot of people have already ran into. Here’s the message of the exception: An error occurred while trying to make a request to URI 'h... [More]

Problem Creating a Localized, Embedded Script

I was following this tutorial and was getting the error: Assembly 'AssemblyName' contains a Web resource with name 'ResourceName', but does not contain an embedded resource with name 'ResourceName'. Everything seemed to be perfect except that I forgo... [More]

Follow All Microsoft MVPs through Twitter

Scott Dorman created a list where you can follow all Microsoft MVPs through Twitter. Go ahead and follow us. If you’re an MVP and are not in the list you can let @sdorman know. Happy Twitting!

Windows Phone Camp 2009 – Tampa Bay

The first Windows Phone Camp 2009 in Tampa is around the corner. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you. The idea is to be similar to a Code Camp, but for Windows Mobile development. You get 8 sessions one after the other from getting started, to using the... [More]

Powershell Script for Compressing DB Backups

The following Powershell script compresses all the .BAK files using winrar. 1: cd D:\MSSQL\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Backup 2: $dirs = get-childitem|where{$_.PSIsContainer} 3: foreach ($dir in $dirs) { 4: cd $d... [More]

Out of Process Session State and LINQ To SQL Entities

When using ASP.NET you can choose 4 different ways of storing session: In Process, State Server, SQL Server, or Custom. When using In Process the session is stored on the ASP.NET thread of the web server, but when using the State Server or SQL Server... [More]

JavaScript not working within UpdatePanel

The other day I was having a problem with JavaScript functions not being found. The simplified setup was similar to this: - UpdatePanel    - UserControl (Visible = true)    - UserControl (Visible = false)       - Embedded JavaScript and Cont... [More]

2009 Buenos Aires CodeCamp – Presentations Available

Presentations from the 2009 Buenos Aires CodeCampare now available through the official Argentina TechNet and MSDN Facebook Page. You can find the content under the “Contenidos Tecnicos”: [More]

Se viene el Buenos Aires Code Camp 2009

Este año va a ser aun mas grande que el año pasado. Tenemos 12 charlas en paralelo en 4 horarios diferentes. Más de 50 oradores del todo el país compuesto por MVPs, MSPs, empleados de Microsoft, profesionales y estudiantes. Algunos de los temas son W... [More]

Sample Code for Getting the User Location based on the IP Address

Yesterday I introduced a free service to get the location of the IP Address. If you haven’t read it, go on read that first (it’s very short, I promise). So here I am today, showing you my small .NET API to abstract the XML returned by the service. F... [More]