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Change Windows Phone 7 Panorama’s Control Title

The other day I was playing with WP7 Panorama’s Control and the default Title was HUGE! I wanted to change it, but wasn’t sure how to do so. After reading the docs I found the TitleTemplate property, which allows you to create the template used for t... [More]

South Florida PDC 10 hosted by the Gold Coast and Miami Users Group

If you can’t attend the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2010 in Redmond, WA you now have the ability to experience it locally via face to face interactive sessions. I will be speaking about Windows Phone 7. You can find more info... [More]

Speaker Rate and My Sessions

From now on I will add all my sessions to Here’s a quote explaining what it is, taken right from the homepage “You go to tons of conferences and love speaking at events. Now, there's an easy way to get more out of it. Give fellow pr... [More]

Windows Phone 7 Push Notification Presentation

For those of you who attended (and weren’t able to make it) my WP7 Push Notification Presentation at the South West FL Code Camp here’s the download. Enjoy! Remember that Microsoft doesn’t guarantee the delivery of the notification, so keep that in ... [More]

Join me at the 2010 South West Florida CodeCamp (SWFL CC)

This upcoming Saturday, September 25th, I will be presenting “Real World Chat Application Using Push Notification with Windows Phone 7” at the 3rd SWFL Code Camp. The event will be held at the FGCU campus in Estero, FL. See you there!

Opening Solution File Won’t Start Visual Studio

If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 with UAC enabled and Visual Studio set to Run as Administrator and you try to open a Solution File through Windows Explorer, Visual Studio will not open. If you check the “Choose default program” for SLN ... [More]

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta Released

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta have been released. Tools Download the Windows Phone Developer tools beta to get started creating Windows Phone 7 applications today. This download includes: Visual Studio 2010 Expression For Windows Phone beta;... [More]

Geospatial Article Part 1 on Simple Talk

Part 1 of my Mapping Your Data with Bing Maps and SQL Server 2008 article is now published on Simple-Talk. Go read it and learn how to integrate Bing Maps into your existing or new apps to solve business needs. Happy Reading!

Restart your Elevated Trust, Out-Of-Browser (OOB) Silverlight App

With the release of Silverlight 4 RC you can now close your app programmatically, but unfortunately, you can’t restart it. Why would you want to restart it? Because when the app finds a new update, the update won’t take place until the next restart o... [More]

South Florida Code Camp 2010

This year was another great year for the South Florida Code Camp. Lots of people, sessions, speakers, books, software, food, water, sodas, and a great atmosphere. Both of my Programming Web 101 and 201 sessions went great. I had a small problem with ... [More]