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Visual Studio 2010 Shortcuts

Lately my right hand has been sored due to too much use of the mouse. For the past 18 years I’ve been a heavy mouse user and yesterday I decided that was enough. I set a personal goal to use the mouse the least possible. Not an easy task in today’s c... [More]

HttpContextBase and Dependency Injection

I was just hunt down by a minor bug in my code and couldn’t figure out what was happening. I’m using Dependency Injection to inject the HttpContextBase into a service call so I can more easily unit test it. So I was setting it up like this: ... [More]

Knock out that JS with knockoutjs

It is very interesting to look back at the last 15 years of the web and it’s development frameworks on how we went back and forth in terms of Javascript development. From static HTML, to the use of Javascript, to avoid Javascript by replacing it with... [More]

ASP.NET MVC3 change validation class

If you are using the MVC3 built in validation such as 1: @Html.ValidationMessageFor(m => m.Username) you can easily change the validation by overriding the CSS class field-validation-error like this: ... [More]

Dynamic CSS with ASP.NET MVC and ContentResult

The ContentResult class is of type ActionResult, which means it is used to return text content from Controller Actions. There are multiple uses for the ContentResult, and one use is to create CSS dynamically. One would simply point a style sheet to a... [More]

Shapes for Windows Phone 7

So my third WP7 App was published a few weeks ago. I composed a Video so you can see what the game is all about. Hope you like it and support my development by paying a whole dollar! Keep in mind you can try it before you buy. Shapes is a great did... [More]

My Windows Phone 7 App failed… Requirement 5.2.4.c

So I submitted my third app, Shapes, into the WP7 Marketplace and 48 hours later I get an email saying it failed. I read the details and it failed because of requirement 5.2.4.c: If the current page displays a context menu or a dialog, the p... [More]

Lessons Learned, WP7 Advertisement SDK

I would like to share my lessons learned while I was working with the Windows Phone 7 Ad SDK for my textContact Light application. For a more detailed explanation of how to set up your account and the AdControl, download the SDK. While debugging th... [More]

textContact Light is published and ready for Download

My first Windows Phone 7 app is published and ready for download: textContact Light. The FREE app allows you to easily attach phone numbers and emails from your contact list. The app is light, simple, straight forward and easy to use. You can watch a... [More]

Updating Rows from one table to another without a relationship

So, I’ve been doing a lot of SQL Scripting lately and I’ve come to a stop when I hit a problem I have never hit before. I had to update ColumnA of TblA with ColumnB of TblB. So my initial thought was to do an INNER JOIN UPDATE. So I started typing:... [More]