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ConnectionString on a DataSet/DataTable with DataAdapter

UPDATE: I would not recommend using this approach. You shouldn't change any code that is automatically generated because it might get overwritten when modifying the designer. When you add a DataTable with a DataAdapter on a DataSet for a web app, Vi... [More]

2007 Atlanta CodeCamp

This past weekend was the 2007 Atlanta Code Camp. It was a total success. Great speakers, sessions, organization, and participants. I must say we must have had over 300 attendees and about 25 sessions. Both of my two sessions went great, but I guess ... [More]

Passing objects to the Object Data Source as parameters

This Object Data Source is very nice to use and almost all examples you see out there use primitive types as parameters. The question arrives when you want to pass an object as a parameter. You can't do it declaretively, so you have to do it on the c... [More]

String.Empty, null, Length, or String.IsEmptyOrNull ?

Every time i have to deal with strings (almost every time) I stop and wonder which way is really the fastest way to check for an empty string. Of course the string.Length == 0 check should be the fastest since Length is a property and there shouldn't... [More]

All we are saying, is give peace a chance

I don’t like to do this, but I have to do it. I have to do it for the good of civilization… mmmmhhhhh… Maybe I just have to do it because it is the right thing to do. Because of the recent release of Vista and Zune I’ve been reading articles, opinion... [More]

Maintaining Collection Property State for Web Custom Controls

I have dealt with this issue twice already, once being yesterday, and both times I found it very hard to find the solution. Therefore, i'm posting about it, not only for people to find the solution to their problem, but also for a reminder for me.Any... [More]

More Control Over GridView Column

In response to the many comments/questions regarding the post on GridView, HyperLinkField, and JavaScript what the #%$@! I decided to extend it and show how you can have total control over a column with the GridView.Whenever you need to do something ... [More]

ExecuteNonQuery Always Returns -1

Whenever you want to execute a sql statement that shouldn't return a value or a record set the ExecuteNonQuery should be used. So if you want to run an update, delete, or insert statement, you should use the ExecuteNonQuery. ExecuteNonQuery returns t... [More]

Wow, Check it out!

Do you remember my previous post: Is Programming Going Away? Well today I was directed to a post that totally shocked me, but saw it coming. Pete Wright, a programmer/author that has been writing books/code since VB 3 has totaly dropped Microsoft tec... [More]

Nullable Types ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

Today I learned something new. Today I learned this new feature of .net 2.0 and that feature is Nullable Types. What are they? Basically they are a typed object of a primitive/value type that can hold a value or null/nothing. What's the difference be... [More]