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Test Your Connection Speed

I came across It's a very nice website to test your connection speed. I might add they have servers all over the world. Check it out...

Downloading multiple files from an FTP using wildcards

Recently someone asked me how to download multiple files from an FTP using wildcards. While I started looking for an answer I found out that is not possible using the FTPWebRequest class. The good news is that although downloading using wildcards is ... [More]

Oh my, look at that HTML!

As most of us would know, HTML is the most basic you can get when you program for web. If your HTML is not right then your page will not look right. Each browser renders HTML differently, especially when it's malformed. Internet Explorer is the most ... [More]

ASP.NET 2.0 Training

Don't miss out on the free ASP.NET 2.0 Training. Whether you already know a little bit of ASP.NET, new to ASP.NET or just want to brush up on some things, it's never a bad idea to take a training, specially when it's FREE! Head down to Joe Healy's bl... [More]

Where are thou, DLL?

One of the enhancements of Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 is the runtime compilation performed by ASPNET. With ASP.NET 1.1 and Visual Studio 2003 the compilation was performed by the compiler and the result was a DLL. With the new runtime compila... [More]

Textbox Text Changed event

On the last Code Camp at South Florida I told the students attending my session the only way for the text changed event of the textbox to get fired is if other controls, like a button, create a postback. I later found out that is not entirely true. T... [More]

2007 South Florida Code Camp

Join me and many others for the 2007 South Florida Code Camp. This year there will be a lot more of sessions and I think the registration is over 450 people. This year there will be a new section for Spanish sessions. As always, I am presenting, but ... [More]

Install Language Pack For DotNetNuke

This post is based on DNN 4.0.2. To install a new language pack from a downloaded file from the DNN website you have to log in as an admin or a host.1. Once loged in go to Host - Languages2. On the Languages page click on the Upload Language Pack lin... [More]

Virtual Dedicated Hosting

I needed to open a port on my Virtual Dedicated Server, which is hosted by godaddy. Since I don't have a software firewall installed there I decided to call Technical Support to see how I could do this. I really try to avoid calling their Customer Su... [More]

Change Source Control Provider for Visual Studio 2005

I was looking around for a way to change source control providers. I found a bunch of blogs and articles talking about updating the registry so I was going to summarize it here until I found out about the following:You can change your source control ... [More]