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Error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified

If you're trying to connect to a named instance database on the network (that is not locally) then by default you will get the error specified on the title. You can solve this in 2 ways: 1. Enabling the TCP/IP protocol on the server machine and spec... [More]

Enable Full-Text Indexing for a Database on SQL Server 2005

I needed to create a full-text index on a column, but I was unable to do so because of the following error: "Creation of the full-text index is not avaiable. Database is not enabled to allow for full-text indexing." After many hours of searching I fo... [More]

.NET University Photos

For all of you who attended the .NET University at Microsoft Tampa, here's the link to Joe Healy's blog where you can download the photos.


If you know Spanish and are new to web development or just want to freshen up on it, then don't miss my series of Webcasts on Microsoft Latam. I will be presenting "Programming Web 101" and "Programming Web 201". I will also present "Windows Communic... [More]

Converting WSE 3.0 to WCF

Here is a very good article for all of you who are amazed with the capabilites of Windows Communication Fondation (WCF), but already have a working model/application with WSE 3.0. The articles is a great starting point for migrating WSE 3.0 web servi... [More]

Windows Communication Foundation for Starters

The presentation and code for the "Windows Communication Foundation for Starters" presentation is now available here. Happy programming!

2007 Orlando Code Camp

Join me for the Orlando Code Camp where I'm pressenting the all aclaimed Programming Web series. I'm also presenting on WCF. Don't miss the oportunity of a free great event with lots of teachings, free food, and giveaways. See you there.

Pull Merge Replication Security with Sql Server 2005 with no Domain Set Up

I have been testing the merge replication from Sql Server 2005 for a client. The truth is that I was very impressed with it. This thing works very well (at least with the requirements we had) and it's all a matter of configuration. I had some difficu... [More]

Code Support

I'm very happy to announce that I have installed a new Free Textbox for my Community Server blog and I now have support for code. The good news to you guys is that you will be able to see the code in a nicer form. Check out this sample code: string ... [More]

HTML 101

As promised, here I am back with some basic HTML concepts. You can take this post as the promised second part of "Oh my, look at that HTML." Anyway, let's get started.As mentioned before, HTML is the most basic part of a website and if it's not well ... [More]