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Classic ASP on Vista

So I installed Classic ASP on my Vista (IIS7) machine and I got passed the initial problem. As I was working my way into the application I started having other problems. I found this post on BillS' IIS Blog. He gives you a lot of the solutions to pos... [More]

Enable Classic ASP on Windows Vista (IIS7)

I had to set up a classic ASP website on my Windows Vista dev machine. I created the Website and pointed it to the code, but it wasn't working. Like IIS6, II7 doesn't have Classic ASP. The only difference is with IIS6 you only need to enable Classic ... [More]

Windows Live Custom Domains - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

So I was reading up on Carl Franklin's blog and came upon this post regarding Windows Live Custom Domains (WLCD) and Google Apps. What are these services? They basically host your email server and all you have to do is change your MX entries of your ... [More]

Code Camp Buenos Aires - Argentina

Para todos mis lectores latinos: si vivis en Buenos Aires o tenes planeado ir a Buenos Aires el 24 de Octubre, no te podes perder el primer Code Camp en Buenos Aires. Va a ver un monton de informacion desde Robotica hasta tecnologias nuevas como WPF.... [More]

Assigning Text to the Password Textbox

For security reasons setting the text property of a TextBox of type passwords does absolutely nothing. Go ahead, give it a try. Add a TextBox to an ASP.NET page: <asp:TextBox ID="tbPassword" runat="server" TextMode="Password" MaxLength="15" />... [More]

UpdatePanel Efficiency

So I am writing an application with ASP.NET AJAX and using the update panel to update certain controls. So there I was creating the page without any AJAX and with normal postbacks and when I was finished I just added a script manager and an update pa... [More]

Silverlight 1.0 RC Drag and Drop

If any of you are interested in a Drag and Drop library for Silverlight 1.0 RC, please visit Roberto's blog to read his article Silverlight Drag and Drop Javascript Class - RC. For all the spanish speaking people out there, he will translate the arti... [More]

Reporting Control

Hi everyone! I am in need of using a reporting control, but I'm not too sure in which direction to go. My experience with reporting controls are very minimal so I wouldn't know what to look for. Here's a list of controls I was looking at, please fee... [More]

Programando Web para principiantes III - Programming Web 301

Hoy presento en un webcast la tercera parte de la mini serie de programando web para principiantes. No te la puedes perder: I'm presenting the third part of the ... [More]

Tampa Code Camp Pictures

Here are some pictures from the 2007 Tampa Code Camp: Joe Healy: Russ Fustino: [More]