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Behavior of Default Constructors and Base Classes

A client of mine requires us to use ReSharper. I usually don't like to use any of those tools because if I get used to then and I go crazy when I do not have them, but I think I will give ReSharper a chance at my own dev machine. One of the cool feat... [More]


I first read about TripIt on JoelOnSoftware. I thought the idea was pretty cool, but I never got around using it until now. So for those of you that are too lazy to read the info on the links here is how TripIt works. You receive confirmations of you... [More]

South Florida Code Camp 2008 - Files

WOW! That's the only word I can use to describe yesterday's event. What a turnout: 617 people! If you would like to download my presentations and sample code, please do so here. Happy reviewing!

Visual Studio 2008 Shortcut for adding using statements

A couple of weeks ago I attended a very good session about the Entity Framework given by Shawn Wildermuth. He showed us something that I thought was only possible with Resharper. He typed a class name and since he wasn't using the fully qualified nam... [More]

2008 South Florida Code Camp

The 2008 South Florida Code Camp is coming up this Saturday, February 2nd. This year is going to be bigger than last year. More sessions, more people, more give aways. Here's the agenda which is subject to change. If you haven't register, please do s... [More]

New Syndication Feed

I've changed my RSS feeds to use It is a total different approach to syndication. So, if you are subscribed to my feed or are not subscribed yet, please [re]subscribe to the new one by clicking here. You can always subscribe by clicki... [More]

Using Google Apps to Host My Email - Continued

This is a continuation of my previous post Using Google Apps to Host My Email. I forgot to mention a very important part so here it is. One of the best parts of the Windows Live Custom Domains (WLCD) is that you get to use the Outlook Connector to c... [More]

Using Google Apps to host my email

About 4 months ago I wrote about Windows Live Custom Domains (WLCD). I decided to test the service with a domain that I don't use that often becase there were some features that were a show stopper for me. I gave it a shot and waited for the WLCD tea... [More]

2008 South Florida Code Camp - Speaker Registration is opened

The 2008 South Florida Code Camp speaker registration is opened. Whether you want to start getting involved in the community, work towards your MVP status, teach others something cool, new, or old then this is a great opportunity for you. Click here ... [More]

How to Get the Node Name of a Node from and XML Variable in SQL Server 2005

I was talking with my co-worker and data expert John Papa regarding the XML functions within SQL Server 2005. I basically couldn't find a way to get the node name of a specific node for an XML Variable. I hit up google and started searching for a way... [More]