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Heroes Happen Here Event in Ft Lauderdale

Join me and Joe Healy, aka the DevFish, for the Microsoft Heroes Happen Here event in Ft Lauderdale. There will be a lot of content regarding Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008. The event is at the Broward Convention Center:... [More]

Outlook RSS Feeds are not Synching

I noticed that my outlook RSS feeds were not synching. After verifying the feeds were ok I searched for a solution and found a hotfix for it. As of today you have to request the hotfix to Microsoft support since it is not publicly available yet. Foll... [More]

Jit N' Run - The Best Of Simple Talk - ASP.NET - Vol 1

Two days ago I got an email from Tony Davis letting me know that Simple-Talk is coming out with an eBook. The book will include a combination of the best ASP.NET articles published by simple-talk. My article, Take Row-Level Control of Your GridView i... [More]

WCF WSDL location address with HTTPS

When you query the WSDL of a WCF service that is hosted with HTTPS the location of the service will be pointed to the machine name by default. So if a client is querying your service by pointing to [More]

Microsoft Heroes Happen Here Event - Code Download

Joe Healy, aka DevFish, made the presentation and code available through his website. You can find the material in this post. Big thanks to Joe for giving me the opportunity to present with him.

I can't get enough of Windows Live Writer

My previous post I wrote a test post to test Windows Live Writer (WLW). I heard it was good and although I have absolutely no other experience with other Blog Writers I must say that I love it! It has everything one can ask and if it doesn't have it ... [More]

Windows Live Writer Test

This is a test post that I'm writing to test the Windows Live Writer . Let's now try some editing This is number one number two number three Row 1 Cell 1 Row 1 Cell 2 Row 2 Cell 1 Row 2 Cell 2 The only thing missing is ... [More]

Heroes Happen Here Event at Orlando

If you registered for the Microsoft Heroes Happen Here Event at Orlando I will see you there. I will be demoing with Joe Healy the goodness of Visual Studio 2008. The event will take place in the Orange County Convention Center this upcoming Friday (... [More]

Dynamic Ordering with LINQ

I was in need to order by a sort expression passed in to a function and since I am using LINQ to SQL the only supported way to do this is by having a switch clause and construct the orderby clause based on the sort input. This could result in a huge ... [More]

HttpModules and HttpHandlers in IIS 7 in Integrated Mode

Today I was writing an HttpModule and was registering the module in the web.config under system.web. My module was not being called and I couldn't figure out why. After some trial and error I discovered the problem was that I was using IIS 7 in Integ... [More]