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I am a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) with many years of experience building and architecting .NET applications and even more years of professional experience using Microsoft developm... [More]

Be Careful When You Turn Windows Firewall On

So there I was setting up a Windows Server 2003 Standard sitting in a remote location and I had the security hat on and decided to turn Windows Firewall On. Apparently by default there are no exceptions so I was immediately kicked off of my Remote De... [More]

Where Should the Script Manager Live?

I often get asked the question of where should the Script Manager for the ASP.NET Ajax framework live. MY answer is always the same: depends. Why does it depend? Because it really varies from application to application and it is also a personal choic... [More]

Multiple Order By in LINQ with extension methods

For some reason I am inclined to write LINQ expressions using the Extension Methods. You know the one that looks something like this: Context.Products.Where(p => p.ProductID > 100).OrderBy(p => p.Description).ToList(); Well the other day I... [More]

Exchange Server 2007 on 32 Bit Operating System

The other day I was installing a Windows Server 2003 R2 32-Bit virtual machine to install Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. After installing the OS and then set it up as a Domain Controller it was time to install Exchange Server 2007. So I inserted the... [More]

Where Did the Mail Icon Go?

A long time ago I was trying to set up my Exchange Mailbox on my new Windows Vista 64-bit laptop and I needed to access Mail Setup. So I thought well this is easy, just use the new start menu in Windows Vista and typed "Mail" and it should come up. ... [More]

Cleaning Up Your US Addresses in your Database

I was in need of querying some sort of database or web service to clean up a user entered address. I was going to go the route of screen scraping, but after doing some research I read in the USPS Web Site about their Web Tools and their Address Infor... [More]


This is more of a "mental" note for me than anything else, but I would like to share it with everyone as well. The DateTime.ToString method has 2 overloads, one with no parameters and the other with a string parameter. I would like to talk about the ... [More]

Dynamic Construction of a LINQ Expression

One of the great things about LINQ is it's deferred execution. Read about deferred execution here and here. What does this mean to us developers? Well it means many things, but one of those things is that you can dynamically construct your LINQ expre... [More]

Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 Mini-Launch in Miramar

Have you missed the Heroes Happen Here event in Ft Lauderdale? Do you want to revisit some of the topics? Then don't miss today's Mini-Launch at Devry University in Miramar. I will be showcasing the demos from the "Reach End-Users with Next Generatio... [More]