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Tech Green Initiative

I have been into the Go Green Initiative for about 2 months now. I have been watching Planet Green way too much and I always felt like I had to do something about it. I feel like making green changes in my home is not good enough and that I have to r... [More]

Tampa User Experience (TUX) User Group

My colleague and ex coworker, Jay Kimble from the Run Time is starting a new User Group in Tampa called "Tampa User Experience" with Bill Reiss, Shawn Cady, and Perry Panagopoulos. Their first meeting will be on September 10th, 2008 and it will about... [More]

Make Your Business Layer a Data Component

One of the cool features of ASP.NET 2.0 is the new Object Data Source, which lets you bind your business entities/objects to your ASP.NET controls. What I hate about this control is that when you open the dropdown you get a list of all the classes th... [More]

LINQ To SQL Generic Detach

UPDATE: you can read Jowen Mei's post for an updated version of this code. Anyone who has been trying to use LINQ To SQL with ASP.NET would know of the problems of dealing with state. Since LINQ To SQL does require to maintain state of the entitie... [More]

Component Art Web.UI Client Script Deployment

I was doing some research on Component Art's Web.UI suite and I came across this post by Milos. Basically Component Art added a new feature in the 2007.2 version to allow all the client script references to be downloaded all at once. Why? Because the... [More]

2008 MVP

Thanks to the MVP program for renewing my MVP award for one more year. The real people I need to thank are the people that attend my sessions, read my blog, and read my articles. Without them there would be no reason for me to keep on going in the co... [More]

LINQ to SQL Debug Visualizer

One of the cool features about Visual Studio is that you can extend it. One of the many things you can extend are the debugging Visualizers. While you're debugging an application with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 you can hover over a variable and you ... [More]

Schedule Back Ups with SQL Server Express 2005

One of the limitations of SQL Server Express 2005 is that it doesn't have a built in way to schedule jobs. There are tools out there that let's you run jobs on the express version, but if you're like me who don't like to install a lot of things on yo... [More]

email2face with SubText

If you haven't read it yet I recently switched to SubText. One of the things I've done was to set up SubText to use email2face to display pictures of the people leaving the comments. It is very easy to do. In the Web.Config you have to change the ap... [More]

New Server, New Blog

The previous server I had was getting too small for the payload so I decided to get a dedicated server with much more horsepower. One of the things that was making my old server slow was Community Server (CS). Don't get me wrong Community Server is a... [More]