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WCF and Windows Activation Process Service

Here's the code and presentation for the WCF and WAS session that I gave at the South West Florida Code Camp this past weekend. Although I couldn't stay until the end, the event was really good. A special thanks to John Dunagan for putting the event ... [More]

Your Vote Counts - .NET Framework and the Browser's UserAgent String

Being an MVP made me realize that Microsoft really listens to their customers. Of course you don't need to be an MVP to be able to communicate with Microsoft regarding bugs or future enhancements. Anyone can use the Microsoft Connect site and to do s... [More]

2008 South West Code Camp

My good old friend John Dunagan from the Naples .Net Developer Group has organized the 2008 South West Florida Code Camp. There is a line up of impressive speakers ranging from amazing speakers to MVPs to Microsoft employees. I will be presenting my ... [More]

Serializing Objects with Enums

Take into consideration the following entity: public class CompositeType { public bool BoolValue { get; set; } public string StringValue { get; set; } public EnumType VehicleType { get; set; } ... [More]

Recreating Entities with Linq To SQL

Be very careful when you need to recreate your entities with Linq to SQL. If I added a new column to the table and I needed to refresh my entity I used to remove it from the design and re add it again. This has worked for a while until now when all o... [More]

Dispose your Batteries the Right Way!

I've been trying to be more green oriented for a while now. You can find some proof of that through my Tech Green Initiative posts here and here. Before, when I wasn't cautious about the environment, I used to throw my old batteries in the garbage. N... [More]

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

Both the Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 are now available for download here and here respectively. They are really not a normal Service Pack as they not only fix bugs, but they also add a lot of new features that are not rel... [More]

Generic IsNull Helper Method

When you use DataReaders you have to check for DBNull.Value on every field that could have a possible null value to make sure you don't get an exception. Therefore your code ends up having a lot of these: if (dr["Colunm1"] != DBNull.Value) ... [More]

Why Tech Green Initiative?

The other day I started the Tech Green Initiative and I want to continue pushing it. I had someone tell me he didn't know you can recycle the printer cartridges so in that sense I made at least one person aware of something green. The other day they ... [More]

Randy Pausch, An Inspiration

Randy Pausch, a Computer Science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, died 5 days ago after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The reason why I'm blogging this is not because he died, but because of his inspirational last lecture:   ... [More]