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AspNetHost deprecated in SignalR 0.5

Now that SignalR 0.5 is out you can scale out using Windows Azure Web Roles and the Service Bus. So if you want to do so you can follow the steps laid out by Clemens Vasters. The problem I had is that I couldn’t find AspNetHost anywhere. After an hou... [More]

MSDN Subscription and Windows Azure Offer

As an MVP we get a free Visual Studio Ultimate MSDN Subscription and with it a nice offer for Windows Azure. Since offers change often and some links may be broken let me copy the offer here: Current offer* Updated Offer a... [More]

Windows Azure and SQL Server

I was playing around with Windows Azure and when I tried to debug the Development Fabric tried to create a storage. Apparently the storage is stored in SQL Server and the default configuration is to use SQL Express. Since I have a full version of SQL... [More]