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Seemingly Integrate SkyDrive or DropBox With Your Windows Libraries

The world of computers has dramatically changed; what once was an utopia, it is now a reality. Bill Gate’s vision of one computer on every home seemed like an impossibility, but now it is very common to see an average person own a computer, tablet, a... [More]

Deleting the Windows.old directory after upgrading to Windows 8 Release Preview

With the release of Windows 8 Release Preview comes the necessity to upgrade. If you are running Windows 8 Developer/Consumer Preview it is as easy as running the Setup and upgrading. The setup was pretty fast and very easy to follow, they even cut t... [More]

Using Windows 8 Tablet as a Hotspot

If you were lucky like me and were at the Microsoft BUILD conference last September then you probably have a Samsung Series 7 Tablet repurposed for the Windows 8 preview. The good thing about that tablet is that it also came with a free 1 year of AT&... [More]

Talking About Windows 8 at BUILD

I recently attended the BUILD Windows conference in Aneheim, CA. There Microsoft unveiled the next generation of it’s OS: Windows 8. Here’s a Spanish interview I did with Seth Juarez from Devexpress about Windows 8. Enjoy! [More]