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Reporting Control

Hi everyone! I am in need of using a reporting control, but I'm not too sure in which direction to go. My experience with reporting controls are very minimal so I wouldn't know what to look for. Here's a list of controls I was looking at, please fee... [More]

Programando Web para principiantes III - Programming Web 301

Hoy presento en un webcast la tercera parte de la mini serie de programando web para principiantes. No te la puedes perder: I'm presenting the third part of the ... [More]

Tampa Code Camp

This saturday July 14th, 2007 is the Tampa Code Camp. To tell you the truth I think this is the only Code Camp I haven't spoken at in Florida! I'm very excited about it! Join me and the rest of the people already registered in yet another free, great... [More]

MaskedTextBox: stripping the masked characters

Using the new MaskedTextbox with WinForms and .net 2.0 is awesome, but by default the text property gives you the entered text with the masked characters. It is not wise to store those characters into a DB. By setting the TextMaskFormat to ExcludePro... [More]

Save documents with SQL Server and display them

So you have the need to let the user upload documents of any type to your server, but you don't know how to implement it. Some people say store them in the DB, others hate that and store the files on the file system. Which way do you go? Well, that d... [More]

.NET University Photos

For all of you who attended the .NET University at Microsoft Tampa, here's the link to Joe Healy's blog where you can download the photos.


If you know Spanish and are new to web development or just want to freshen up on it, then don't miss my series of Webcasts on Microsoft Latam. I will be presenting "Programming Web 101" and "Programming Web 201". I will also present "Windows Communic... [More]

Converting WSE 3.0 to WCF

Here is a very good article for all of you who are amazed with the capabilites of Windows Communication Fondation (WCF), but already have a working model/application with WSE 3.0. The articles is a great starting point for migrating WSE 3.0 web servi... [More]

Windows Communication Foundation for Starters

The presentation and code for the "Windows Communication Foundation for Starters" presentation is now available here. Happy programming!

Downloading multiple files from an FTP using wildcards

Recently someone asked me how to download multiple files from an FTP using wildcards. While I started looking for an answer I found out that is not possible using the FTPWebRequest class. The good news is that although downloading using wildcards is ... [More]